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Some MYOB feedback:

“I have gained knowledge on how to use the basic skills in MYOB. I enjoyed having Ourania as a teacher because she explained everything to her class clearly so we understood and it was easy to ask her questions if I felt a bit lost. She is the best!” From Heidi

“This course helped me a lot. Job well done Ourania! We learned a lot and will help us open up new opportunities in our life.” From Janet


I found Tropic Training Solutions computer courses well organised, easy to follow and affordable, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to increase their computer skills in a short space of time.

Regards, Liza


I did 3 courses with Tropic Training Solution and was very impressed. We learned a lot in an nice environment. Ourania answered so many questions ( and more ) . There is only one thing I regret – I should have done it earlier.

Cheers, Carmen


Earlier this year, I did a computer course with Ourania, on Files and Folders. My computer skills are VERY poor, and the prospect of doing the class did NOT thrill me,but I was tired of losing things on my computer constantly. What a pleasant surprise – I not only understood everything Ourania so patiently and clearly taught us, but I actually ENJOYED the day! AND still remembered the instructions months later! I can thoroughly recommend her as a teacher, and would advise anyone to go along to Ourania’s courses, even if you are not confident on computers. If she can have ME still smiling and not confused after a whole day’s learning about the computer, she can help ANYONE ! Thanks again for saving me lots of stress,Ourania.


I recently took part in a Excel course run by Tropic Training Solutions. This course was presented in a very easy to follow format with plenty of practical work done by the students at their own pace. It was conducted in a very friendly environment and manner.


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